Be the best buyer you can be!

The importance of speaking with a mortgage rep or broker, and getting a pre-approval cannot be stressed enough.

In fact, it should be one on the 1st things you do, if not the very 1st thing.  This is assuming that you have a general Idea on where you want to buy.  Your desired location’s property taxes are a factor when it comes to pre-approvals.

I do meet buyers every now and then that want to find their house first, then get a pre-approval. This usually does not work out. Learning that a house that you like is not in your price range can be demotivating and delay you in accomplishing what you want. 

Even worse is finding a house, getting pre-approved for the price but since you needed a day or two to get…

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Life of a realtor

Being a Realtor means that people always ask you if NOW is a good time to buy or sell. This is not just at the obvious places such as my office or a listing appointment, but everywhere. I mean everywhere. Weddings, BBQs, in line at the post office, even in my own house from the guy fixing my fridge. I do not mind it at all. Especially since I enjoy talking about Real Estate.

Usually, they are expecting me to bring up some statistics demonstrating the strength or weakness of the current market. I don’t, at least I don’t START with that.  Why?  If someone is thinking of buying or selling THEIR home, their reason almost always has nothing to do with the market, and I rather discuss that.  

Here are some reasons why 

Why you want…

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